What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Cookies are used to offer a better user experience and for certain functions on the website to work.

There are three types of cookies - temporary, permanent and so-called third-party cookies:

Temporary cookies are also called session cookies. They are temporarily stored on your device when you visit the website and are deleted when the browser is closed. They are used to remember what choices you made during the visit, for example the number of passengers in a search.

Permanent cookies have a preset departure date and are stored for a longer period of time on your device. They are used to customize the website for you and the choices you make. Permanent cookies can also be used to collect user statistics, which are used to develop the website.

Third-party cookies are placed on your device by a third-party approved by uno Travel. This occurs when we have suppliers who perform services for us, such as Mailchimp.

How does uno Travel use cookies?

Some examples of how uno Travel uses cookies:

When you surf around the website, cookies are used to remember what you have searched for and what choices you have made in booking forms, so you do not have to provide that information again every time you change pages.

To develop our website and create a better user experience, we use cookies to see how visitors use the website. With the help of the anonymous statistics, we can customize the website for our visitors.

Close cookies If you do not want us to allow cookies to be stored on your computer or mobile device, or if you want to delete existing cookies, you can do this yourself by changing the settings in your web browser.

We will inform you that you will not be able to enjoy all functions on the website if you block the use of cookies. If you change your mind and want to allow cookies, you can do so at any time by changing the settings in your web browser.

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